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Fast Track for B-1 Hi-Tech Work Visas for Ukraine Nationals

Due to the war in Ukraine, Israel will allow hi-tech companies to bring workers from Ukraine on a fast track.

Israel will allow foreign hi-tech workers to obtain a quick entry permit to Israel and a 90-day work visa, as long as they have an employment contract with an Israeli high-tech company. The program, which is defined as a pilot, will be launched tomorrow.

The program includes two tracks: for employees who are not eligible under the Law of Return (decedents of Jewish, and for those who are eligible. On both routes, employees and their families will receive an entry clearance in just four days.

  • Non-eligible under the Law of Return: Will receive a 90-day work permit, with the possibility of extension, and their spouses will receive a work permit at a later stage, which is not currently defined.
  • Eligible for the Law of Return and their family members: will receive a quick entry permit (within four days), and they will be able to work immediately in parallel with the continuation of their official Aliyah process in Israel.


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